Your Privacy and the Protection
of your Personal Information

Haveyouheard respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. Our full Privacy Policy will inform you as to how we look after and process your personal data when you provide it to us or when it is collected from you or is publicly available, for example by virtue of your attendance at our events, the use of our various services or when you visit our Website (regardless of where you visit it from), and tell you about your privacy rights and how the law protects you.

The Policy is for users from around the world, and adheres to the highest international standards for data privacy and protection, but if you have any queries or requests relating to it and your data, please do not hesitate to contact our data representative who will gladly assist.

Although we provide a breakdown of some of the core features of our Privacy Policy below, please contact our data representative for a copy at any time.

1. What is the Personal Information we process:

We will process personal information of yours which is either provided by you to us, publicly available or is collected by us from you and your computer when using our various services.

This will include information such as that which you provide to us when signing up on our website, completing any services with us under contract, participate in our surveys, attend our events or when using our guest list services, and which could include your name, addresses, publicly available social media contributions, contact details, service preferences, location or other information which can be identified as yours.

2. How do we process your Personal Information:

HYH will only ever process and use your Personal Information strictly in line with the uses we have laid out in our Privacy Policy. Should we ever have to change the purposes, we will explicitly let you know, and always allow you the chance to engage with us on the uses.

The processing is only for our legitimate business purposes where we are either doing so to provide you with a service or to fulfil our contractual obligations to you, or for our valid company, analytics and market research purposes. We can of course, also share your Personal Information with any government authority who needs your Personal Information in order to act on a valid lawful need (e.g. if you commit online crimes and your Personal Information needs to be disclosed to assist them in an investigation).

3. Protection of your Personal Information when we use it:

Because the HYH group of companies is multinational, we may transfer your Personal Information to territories outside of the EU or the Republic of South Africa, but we will always ensure, using contracts or other binding instruments, that any processing which happens in those foreign territories is on the basis of standards equal to or higher than the processing standards we provide.

Every third-party who assists us in processing your Personal Information is under contractual obligations to safeguard and process your Personal Information to the highest standards required.

We ensure that your Personal Information is safe in our hands at all times by using industry-leading data safety and security measures.

4. How we share your Personal Information:

Pursuant to our legitimate needs to provide a functional and optimal business service to you, or to be able to perform on a contract with you, we need to process your Personal Information.

As such, we will only ever share your Personal Information with parties who assist us with this endeavour, and as we have finely detailed in our Privacy Policy. Should we need to use it for further purposes, or share it with a party not already mentioned in the Policy, we shall let you know and allow you the chance to engage us on it.

Whilst we certainly do not harvest nor mine your Personal Information, we do share it internally within our private group of companies, and at private marketing or pitching events, but never publicly without your express permission.

5. Your rights relating to our processing of your Personal Information:

Your Personal Information is yours and not ours. As such, you have the right to engage us at any time on various aspects of your Personal Information and how we process it. You have a range of rights, such as asking us to update or amend your Personal Information, or to delete some of it.

We will gladly assist you with all of your queries and requests, but please always remember that our services to you may become limited if we do not have such Personal Information available.